When are you a real writer?

When are you a real writer?I just read the most amazing post by  Kristen Lamb and had to pass it along. She gives your her slant on “what it takes to be a real writer,” and if you’ve ever had doubts about what you’re trying to do, this blog will encourage you to keep going for all the right reasons. It’s a long one, but I encourage you to read to the end. Here’s the link:

Here’s a glimpse into her message:

Being a professional writer is a shift in mind-set and how we view ourselves. We begin to look at our art as our profession even if that profession is the second job next to the day job.
Screw “Aspiring.” Aspiring is for wimps. Takes guts to be a writer.
I’ve attended conferences where attendees easily forked out a thousand dollars or more to learn business and craft. When I ask who in the room is an aspiring writer? Always hands raised. Trust me, anyone willing to put money on the line? That is a “real” writer. In fact, that is part of being a “professional” writer.
“Aspiring writers” are the people who say things like, “Yeah, my life would make a GREAT story. Hey, maybe you could write it. I give you the idea and you write it and we split 50/50.”
Sure, after I go bathe my pet unicorn.

Kristen Lamb has been encouraging, supporting, and teaching writers for a long time. Hers is a blog worth following.

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