Memoir Writing Tips & Prompts

Memoir Writing Prompts

If you are considering writing memoir, here are some helpful links to get you started:

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Use these prompts to help you find the memories to fill your memoir.

  1. Favourite summer memories—a picnic, playing with friends, a summer vacation, the beach, the plastic pool in the backyard, hide and seek ….
  2. Think of the various doors in your past. Choose one at a time and answer these questions: What do you see and feel before you open the door? What do you see and feel once you are through the door?
  3. When someone taught you to do something (ride a bike, knit, bake a cake, hammer a nail ….)
  4. Your favourite hiding place
  5. Best friend in grade school, high school, university/college, work
  6. Stories your parents/grandparents told you about their childhood
  7. Being scared
  8. Dealing with a bully/being a bully
  9. Helping a friend
  10. Helping a family member
  11. Being along
  12. Lessons learned
  13. Favourite teachers
  14. Favourite aunts/uncles/cousins
  15. Special vacations
  16. Celebrations (Christmas, Hanukah, birthdays…)
  17. Pets
  18. Favourite—shoes, coat, dress, boots, skates, mitts, hat
  19. Shopping trips – groceries, to buy a pet, to get new skates/shoes, to a different city
  20. Best present ever
  21. Describe the house you lived in/your best friend’s house
  22. Who were your neighbours when you were a child?
  23. Describe your room
  24. Describe your walk to school
  25. Describe your walk to your friend’s house
  26. Your favourite subject at school
  27. Your neighbourhood
  28. What you wanted to be when you grew up
  29. Your favourite pastimes: puzzles, drawing, dolls, action figures, cars, trucks, hopscotch
  30. Your favourite books or comic books
  31. Your favourite games: outdoors—baseball, Red Rover, hide and seek, invented games; indoors: board games, cards
  32. Rhymes for skipping and throwing balls against the wall
  33. School trip or field trip
  34. Favourite TV shows, radio stations
  35. What you were ashamed of
  36. What made you feel bad
  37. What made you angry
  38. How you got around: bus, car, subway, hitch hike
  39. Favourite hangouts: roller rink, park, school yard, Dairy Queen
  40. Favourite music/bands
  41. Your first job
  42. Your first love
  43. Your first kiss
  44. Your first date
  45. How you met your true love
  46. In-laws, friends’ parents
  47. Your first house
  48. Your first fight with your best friend or lover
  49. Staying together
  50. Your children
  51. Your business and how it grew
  52. Working for family
  53. Your first car
  54. Favourite date spots
  55. Favourite couples
  56. Faith and its part in your life

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