Accountability Group – Meet Your 2017 Writing Goals

Accountability Group: Meet Your 2017 Writing GoalsIf you need a little accountability to get your writing done this year, I’ve started an accountability group on Facebook. We check in on Mondays to chronicle our progress and get support and encouragement from other members on the same path. No guilt trips allowed. Anything you do toward reaching your goal counts–planning, thinking, research, brainstorming, writing. You don’t have to share word counts, just check in to say you’re doing a little every week toward reaching your goal. It’s a closed group, so just let me know if you want to join. Drop me a line at hwrightwriter at gmail dot com to let me know you’re interested, and then hop over to and request to join. You need to be on Facebook to participate in the group.

Let’s make 2017 the year a creative year to remember!


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2 thoughts on “Accountability Group – Meet Your 2017 Writing Goals

  1. It is super that you have started this accountability group, Heather, and that you are offering coaching services to help people achieve their goals. Many people do find that having a personal coach and being held accountable is the only way they can achieve the goals they have set for themselves.

    1. Sometimes the only motivation people need is to know that someone is waiting to hear about their progress or to read their words. I know that it helps me to have an accountability partner when I’ve got a goal and a deadline, so I know it helps others, too.

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